#MentalHealthWeek at JAC

May 10, 2019

To finish off CMHA-NL‘s #MentalHealthWeek, we wanted to show our support, so we asked the JAC team to answer a question;

What’s one thing you do on a regular basis to positively impact your mental health?

Here are their answers!

Paul Durdle:

“Riding my motorcycle on an open road. Everything melts away, it’s almost like meditation.”

Shannon Smith:
“For me, it’s weekly bubble baths to relax and refocus my mind.”

Xiaocheng Xie:
“Playing PUBG, especially if I have a Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”

Yi Tian:
“Playing DOTA.”

Nick Atkins:
“Having a quick chat with friends.”

Faith Atkins:
“Drawing & listening to music.”

Pat Atkins:
“Picking up tea, going for a drive, or watching a sunset!  “

Lindsey Brennan:
“Going for a hike, taking photos, and being outside in general.”

John Atkins:
“Offroading, playing COD, or building something!”

Joshua Odagwe:
“Listening to music, playing soccer. and anything else fun (the more challenging the better)!”

Erik Mclean:
“Creative expression.”

Stephen Andrews:
“Spending time with my wife and kids, no matter what we’re doing.”


To learn more about the great work that CMHA-NL does, head to https://cmhanl.ca/. (We also designed and built their website!)