Hockey Pool Winner

Jun 27, 2019

Winners aren’t born, they’re picked in a rush the day before the playoffs start.

Congratulations to CEO, John Atkins for winning the inaugural JAC Office Playoff Pool for the 2019 NHL Playoffs! Anyone interested in participating was required to choose winners from each bracket, all the way to the finals, before the playoffs started. Most of us scrambled the day of to get them done and submitted in time, some of us spent hours studying matchups. Each successful choice rewarded 1pt, for a total of 15pts.

The rankings are as follows:

    1. John Atkins – 6pts
    2. Lindsey Brennan – 5pts
    3. Pat Atkins (tied) – 3pts
    4. Paul Durdle (tied) – 3pts
    5. Stephen Andrews – 2pts
    6. Shannon Smith – 1pt

John’s successful picks were: Boston all the way to the finals, San Jose to the 3rd Round, and Dallas to the 2nd Round.

Honourable mention goes to Lindsey for coming in second place and getting her entry fee back. The difference in the victory was that Lindsey unsuccessfully chose Calgary to beat San Jose in the second round. A single pick cost her the championship!

Below you see Commissioner Paul and John with his winning bracket and prize.

Here’s to next season! 🏒🥅