Riverfront Chalets offers a selection of cottages and is located on the banks of the Exploits River in central Newfoundland, about 15 minutes west of Grand-Falls Windsor. Their 4 chalets and 1 vacation home offer a perfect blend of ruggedness and refinement, making them ideal for a weekend away on ATVs or a romantic getaway. Guided tours are also offered by Riverfront for both ATV and snowmobile adventures, and they also offer a range of other adventures. The chalets are also directly connected to the Rafting NL tours, which offer an action-packed tour of the area.

What We Did

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  •  Branding

  •  Web Development

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  •  Photo & Video

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The major challenge we faced with Riverfront was revitalizing a brand that was over 20 years old and still generally well-regarded in the market. In some cases, we will rebrand because the company wishes to reorient themselves. In the case of Riverfront, the brand mostly suffered from age, but not from poor representation. Additionally, like with most tourism projects, we didn’t just have to help sell the chalets: the surrounding area plays just as important of a role for consumers.



Our approach with the logo was to create something familiar and easily recognizable, especially to the returning customers. By incorporating visual cues from the chalets themselves, we were able to give the company a fresh face without straying from what makes it special. We also invested heavily in photo and video, making several trips with our in-house photo/video team to ensure the website and accompanying marketing materials fell in line with the new brand.

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  • Lead Generation

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