Jaguar/Land Rover of Newfoundland & Labrador is a part of the O’Neill Motors group of vehicle dealerships and is located in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. Home to a fleet of Swedish-made cars renowned for their safety and versatility, Volvo of NL is a busy dealership with very discerning clientele.

They came to JAC looking for a more strategic way to not only sell cars, but to manage their brand’s reputation. What we came through with was a plan that boosted sales and propelled their brand into one of the top spots in the province.

What We Did


  •  Web Development

  •  Social Media

  •  Lead Generation

  •  Paid Advertising



The challenge with any client in the vehicle sales industry is the competition. With numerous vehicle brands all selling similar vehicles at similar prices, with similar features, the difference between making the sale or not often comes down to reputation and good marketing. Jaguar/Land Rover was in a unique position because of their lineup of vehicles and their distinct advantages; the issue, however, was that the local market either wasn’t thinking about their brand or didn’t understand the advantages it offers.


With a focus on customer interaction, promotions, giveaways, contests, and posts with people’s faces in them, we were able to breath new life into this brand. From a sales perspective, we kept things nice and simple; in our opinion, there was a tendency to put too much information in posts, so by paring down on copy we were able to focus more on the product. Our strategy was also bolstered by radio and television advertising, which allowed us to tap into new markets for this brand.


For most of our social media clients, especially Jaguar/Land Rover of NL, social media is not just a location for us to provide customer support or increase our brand awareness. Social media is where we locate, nurture, and help to convert leads into sales. For many of our social media clients, we’ve been able to revolutionize the way that their company uses social media and fully integrate it into their existing sales funnel. With support from our in-house design, copywriting, photography, and videography team, our social media marketing division is one of the fastest growing parts of our company.

Agencies that understand their users build more effective websites. With all of our websites, we take the time at the beginning to not just understand our clients, but to understand their clientele. As we look through competitor’s websites and understand our client’s goals, we can then begin to craft our navigation, a list of functionality, and a design that ties it all together. The end result is a website meets and exceeds client goals and user expectations.

  • Web Design
  • Front End Programming
  • Back End Programming
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Accessibility Standards
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Photography/Videography
  • Advertising Spend Management

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