This website and photoshoot was one of the more unique projects we worked on in 2017. This website was purchased as a Christmas gift for a local man with a private motorcycle collection. Covertly designing a website was the easy part; pulling off a photoshoot for over 80 motorcycles while the client was on site was the real tricky part.

Two of our staff photographers posed as contracted shooters for his insurance company in order to pull off the shoot, which thankfully worked. All of the non-truths paid off, however, when we revealed the website to him in person at a family Christmas gathering. Definitely a site launch for the books.

What We Did

  •  Photo & Video

  •  Web Development



The technical challenge with this site came down to the sheer size and variety of the collection. We knew the motorcycles would look good in photos, but the real struggle came in structuring the content in a neat and logical manner. From a design standpoint, we also had to find a way to build a site that was based around very little copy and a lot of images that didn’t simply look like a photo book. We wanted it to still flow like a website.


A large part of our solution for this challenge came down to our content strategy. After obtaining the appraisal sheet for the collection, we were able to research each piece and develop categories for them. We were then able to build the ‘Showroom’ section around this. From a design standpoint, we also made it easy for users to browse a large portion of content without too much navigating. Something we understood from the outset was that the users for this site were unlikely to look at one page and then navigate from the site; it’s more likely that they’d view multiple in succession.

There’s no lonelier place for a business than the second page of search engine results.

This is why we make painstaking efforts to ensure all of our clients rank as high as they can for their keywords. From content to code, every site we launch is fully optimized to provide the best organic ranking possible. In the age of quick results and online impatience, ensuring your business ranks well for its keywords is more important than ever. Visibility is the name of the game, and it’s what we create at JAC.

Agencies that understand their users build more effective websites. With all of our websites, we take the time at the beginning to not just understand our clients, but to understand their clientele. As we look through competitor’s websites and understand our client’s goals, we can then begin to craft our navigation, a list of functionality, and a design that ties it all together. The end result is a website meets and exceeds client goals and user expectations.

  • Functional Document
  • Website Navigation
  • Wireframing
  • Web Design
  • Front End Programming
  • Back End Programming
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Accessibility Standards
  • Copywriting

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