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JAC is a digital marketing agency combining both marketing + technology that stir emotion, tell your story and help you stand out online. Whether you’re a non-profit or a growing business you’re here because you recognize the impact digital marketing can have. JAC listens, adapts and works with you to craft experiences that are rich with personality and detail.

Measure. Target. Integrate. Scale.

Remember it’s always about the end user, your customers and how they interact with your brand, your products, and your services. Learn from them. Show empathy and apply that knowledge quickly to improve their experience.

Measure. Target. Integrate. Scale.

Key Capabilities

Your challenges aren’t siloed, so our teams aren’t either. Unlike a traditional agency organization that consists of creative directors, account managers, account executives, and then support staff we’ve opted for a flatter composition that puts our designers, developers, and creators in direct contact with you. When it comes to in-house capabilities, we’ve got a pretty deep bench!


Your customers are online: sell to them there.

We think there’s less and less of a need to convince people that online sales are redefining growth strategies in a number of markets. The revenue and traffic numbers show it, and customers increasingly demand it. At JAC, we’ve created an e-commerce process that allows our clients to start selling online and to do it in a way that blends seamlessly with their established internal systems. In cases where these businesses are starting fresh, we help them get off the ground through proper marketing and lead generation strategies.

Delivery Integration

If your business offers home delivery, having it sync with your online store can be a challenge. With our proven system, you can reduce admin time and increase the efficiency and accuracy of your ordering system.

Accounting Software Integration

If you’re using a system like QuickBooks and its competitors to manage your finances, we have ways to seamlessly integrate your online storefront with these platforms so that your online sales are well accounted for.

Photo & Video

The power of our online stores is due to a number of factors, but one that can’t be overlooked is our stunning photography and videography that we capture in house and use in our clients’ websites.

Security First

When you’re dealing with people’s money and information, the most important consideration is that you’re handling it safely. Not only does this ensure their peace of mind and confidence, but it protects your business, as well.

Scalable Solutions

There is no one size fits all option in web development, and this is especially true with e-commerce systems. That’s why we build highly scalable sales systems that grow and adapt to your business’ needs.

Not Just Hard Goods

It’s easy to think of an online store as just a place to sell traditional hard goods. But our e-commerce systems are flexible enough to accommodate any type of product, from memberships to motel rooms.

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The key to building the right thing is in asking the right questions.

Strategy involves the most top level decisions in any marketing plan. It establishes direction and works to ensure marketing goals are clearly defined. At JAC, developing a marketing strategy comes after two crucial first steps. First, we take the time to get to know our clients, their business, and where they would like to see growth. Second, we take a deep dive into industry and market research to uncover trends, pain points, and opportunities that will inform and uphold our marketing strategy.

Market Research

The first step we take in developing a strategy for your business is to do some exploring and begin to understand your market(s).

Market Strategy

Our strategic marketing plans identify customer needs and helps create a marketing plan to achieve customer satisfaction, improve company performance and build brand value.

Content Strategy

At JAC, we offer assistance with the entire content marketing process. From content strategy development, content inventory & audits to competitive content analysis we can develop a complete content strategy that really connects with your audience.

Brand Strategy

Brand is more than just a logo, and bringing your entire brand to market requires a robust strategy.

Social Strategy

Executing social media without thinking about strategy is the first step to failure, mixed messaging, and even lost sales. Establishing objectives, goals, and an overall plan before any thing is ever posted is important to the success of your social media marketing efforts.

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We don’t just create logos. We help our partners establish an all-encompassing brand experience.

Branding is so much more than your logo. Your brand encompasses every opportunity that consumers have to interact with your company. Generally speaking, this covers everything from your logo, to your website, to any copy you write, to the type of causes you support. These factors and more all contribute to the general perception of your brand. JAC’s approach to branding looks beyond your logo and analyzes how each move your business makes affects your brand.

Brand Strategy

Brand is more than just a logo, and bringing your entire brand to market requires a robust strategy.

Brand Process

Our simple step by step brand process ensures that you are always part of the process from strategy, positioning, identity, marketing to brand performance metric.

Brand Positioning

We understand what it takes to position a brand within the market that finds a unique position in the mind of stakeholders and customers. Our ability to create core brand values and identify how the brand is perceived today ensures the brand is unique, credible and sustainable position in the mind of the consumer.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is an important step in strategic brand management. Using various media vehicles as well as implementing ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the Line) strategies ensures you can search the end customer.

Brand Identity & Design

We take a strategic approach to creating unique brand identities. Our simple brand process ensures we provide creative designs tailored to your unique brand strategy.

Brand Guidelines

In order to ensure your brand is properly managed by other people and companies, a comprehensive brand guideline is a must.

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Web Development

Creating beautiful websites that tell a story and make a difference.

Once we finish designing your website’s templates, the next step is programming. This is an incredibly crucial step, as programming sets the stage for how users will browse and experience your site, as well as how they will update their site through the content management system. Front end programming is how we build websites that are mobile friendly, and we just don’t do the bare minimum here; our approach to responsive websites is to mimic the experience of smartphone applications so that your website is as easy to navigate on a phone as it is on a desktop.


The experience our users have on our websites and how they interface with them is designed to be as organic an experience as possible. In essence, if a user ever becomes aware that they’re on a website, you’re doing something wrong.


As more and more shoppers trade in stores for sites, it’s more important than ever for businesses looking to capitalize on online sales to have a full-featured digital storefront.


Used in conjunction with a full website, microsites are a great way to highlight a particular campaign and focus some extra attention on specific keywords.


Search Engine Optimization is a series of programming and content strategies that work toward ensuring your website ranks as high as possible for its keywords.


Businesses change and so does their content. A quality content management system ensures that your website can adapt alongside your business.


You may have the most beautiful site in the world, but if it isn’t hosted properly, you’ll never receive the full benefit of it. We host on the fastest, safest, and most reliable servers on the planet.

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Your Google Partner

JAC has developed an extensive understanding of how search engines work. We aim to secure improved search rankings for our clients, while also keeping their bottom line a top priority. Our objective is to not only maximize ROI through SEO but to also provide clear insights and strategies on how other digital marketing channels can influence our client’s online presence.

Keywords & Phrases

We consider both broad key words and long-tail keywords when building out the keyword plan. We also look for keyword trends by using tools that can identify these trends across search engines, websites and social media.

SEO Friendly Content

Writing content for websites is different than writing content for brochures or documents. JAC performs various SEO techniques to ensure the website content is optimized for Google.

SEO Friendly Code

Having optimized code is critical to ensure your site ranks high in the search engines which, in turn, increases the amount of leads to conversions.

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Mobile Apps

We’ll take your product from idea to reality quickly, without sacrificing its future agility.

For a long time, apps were only available for large companies, as they were expensive and laborious to build. Over the last couple of years, however, new techniques, practices, and standards have lowered the barrier to entry into this market, meaning that small and medium-sized businesses can now begin to more easily offer this service. At JAC, our mobile app development process is cost-effective and ensures that your business is able to tap into this market with a full-featured, adaptable product.


The experience our users have on our websites and how they interface with them is designed to be as organic an experience as possible. In essence, if a user ever becomes aware that they’re on a website, you’re doing something wrong.

APP Design & Development

We have developed a unique way of coding and designing our apps that creates a seamless experience for both users and administrators between their website and apps and are compatible with all major operating systems.


As more and more shoppers trade in stores for sites, it’s more important than ever for businesses looking to capitalize on online sales to have a full-featured digital storefront.

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Social Media

Social media marketing has the highest ROI on advertising budgets.

In the current social media market, it’s simply expected by users that they’ll be marketed to while they’re on their favourite channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. As such, it’s more important than ever to find ways to make your brand and your content stand out. At JAC, we’ve been successfully leveraging social media for a number of years to help our clients not just build visibility, but to actually discover, nurture, and convert leads. Our social media clients have been able to transform social media into an area where they don’t just connect with potential leads, but where they convert them into customers.

Social Strategy

Executing social media without thinking about strategy is the first step to failure, mixed messaging, and even lost sales. Establishing objectives, goals, and an overall plan before any thing is ever posted is important to the success of your social media marketing efforts.


Where traditional media advertising was always a one way conversation from the brand to the consumer, social is a two way interaction. Because of this, businesses small and large need to make sure the conversation is managed, and managed all the time.


If social media strategy outlines your overall goals and objectives, individual campaigns are how you achieve those goals. Breaking down that strategy and targeting different aspects of your target market through separate campaigns will allow you to reach those goals.

Marketing & Advertising

Effective marketing and advertising, such as executing a paid ad strategy, will allow you to reach potential customers that haven’t already interacted with the brand, and allow you to drive them to a specific location, instead of hoping they get there on their own.

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We understand your organization’s challenges.

At JAC, we have a lot of passionate and educated people on staff, and something we love to do is share that passion and knowledge with others. At the end of the day, we’re in the business of making businesses better. We understand that not every business will come to us for a website or marketing, but every business can be improved in some way. Whether it’s streamlining their internal digital processes or training staff on best practices for social media, we love being able to share what we know with people who are eager to learn.


With a diverse and highly skilled team, we like to offer training sessions to the general public and companies that are looking to hone their skills and grow their businesses.

Technology Consulting

We understand that technology can often be difficult, and with systems and devices constantly changing, we enjoy helping businesses stay on top of these changes.

Problem Solving

Being in business and working with hundreds of businesses over our company’s life span, we have come to have a deep understanding of the factors that lead to success and failure in business.

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Working with a true design agency will ensure that the integrity of the brand is maintained across all forms of creative execution. JAC is a full service digital marketing agency that is able to bridge the gap between traditional and digital design, and provide boutique offerings such as video production and animation, as well.


Although a lot of the advertising we see every day is digital, print is still a very popular medium. We have experience in everything from full-size billboards to major magazine advertisements.


As an alternative to photo and video, we use illustration in a variety of storytelling applications. It’s an engaging, customized way to market your product.


Digital illustration is the ultimate in bespoke creative elements. A project will sometimes need a one of a kind design for an animation or motion graphic, and JAC prides itself on offering this service in-house.

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Photo & Video

Don’t settle for just telling your story: show it.

In a visual world, photo and video is one of the most effective communication tools available to businesses. Our team of photographers and videographers use imagery to not only showcase your product and process, but to tell a story about your brand. We understand that most users want to be shown why they should care about a business, and photos and videos are the most effective way to do this.


Whether it’s company headshots or a corporate video that showcases the work you do, our photo and video team know how to make your company look its best.


Your facility is where your company makes a difference and builds its reputation. Show it off with a photo and video shoot that shows people your capacity and capabilities.


One of the most powerful marketing resources is word of mouth. Testimonial videos combine the effectiveness of word of mouth with the reach of online video.

Digital Animation

Not every idea can be represented by photos and videos. For those unique cases, we rely on our digital animators to develop custom creations that bring our vision to life.


If you’re selling a product, you need to ensure that you’re able to market it with gorgeous photos and videos. In an increasingly visual world, high quality imagery is more important than ever.

Live Video

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or the finale of a reality series, live broadcasts are great for attracting viewers. The same is true for live online video and it’s something we specialize in delivering.

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Lead Generation

A business that understands how to seek out and funnel their leads is a successful one.

If there’s a word that we focus on a lot at JAC, it’s leads. They’re the yardstick that we use to measure our marketing efforts’ success and they’re vital in building a brand, building relationships, and building businesses. Whether it’s a form on a website, a call to action on a social media post, or the content of a television commercial, our number one goal for all of our marketing clients is to seek out, nurture, and help convert leads.


For any business that’s serious about collecting and nurturing leads, a CRM is a must. Ensuring your leads are catalogued, organized, and classified is one of the most powerful processes a business can employ.

Social Media

In a generation where inbound marketing grows in popularity, generating leads through social media is of huge importance. Customers now expect to see and interact with brands in this space.


Our email marketing services help maximize sales, save valuable time, and utilize our experienced personnel while ensuring the latest in anti-spam policies such as CAN-SPAM & CASL are followed.

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Paid Advertising

If you’re going to invest money in advertising, ensure it’s done strategically.

While avenues like social media have opened up possibilities for businesses to advertise with little to no cost, there are still plenty of areas where it’s very much a pay-to-play environment. The general rule is that the extremes of exposure will cost you: either placing content in an un-targeted way in front of a lot of consumers, like television, or targeting fewer people with some degree of precision, like Facebook ads. No matter your goals, if you need to invest in paid advertising, working with JAC will ensure that you go after the right channels with content that will elevate your profile and boost engagement.


At JAC, we don’t just handle coming up with the ideas for your television campaign, or just shooting the commercial itself. We will also work directly with the networks to help get you the best placement and the best price.


There’s a lot of power in organic advertising, but we have also experienced tremendous growth with our clients who are investing in digital advertising.


Depending on your marketing goals and the demographics you’re looking to reach, there is still a lot of power in radio. We will help you decide how you can best use radio in your marketing plan.


While print advertising has had some of its superiority supplanted by digital advertising, we still work with a number of clients that experience great return from this medium.

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