Website Launch: Platinum Health + Fitness

May 22, 2019

Website Launch!

We’re happy to announce another website launch, this time for Platinum Health + Fitness, a gym with a relaxed environment, friendly staff, and 24/7 access, with locations in Conception Bay South and Torbay, Newfoundland and Labrador. We designed and developed their website, shot photos for them, redesigned their brand and logo, and manage their social media during multiple short campaigns throughout the year.

Platinum Health and Fitness started in November 2012, when Steph and John began training people in their basement. They turned their rec room into a full home gym. It had everything they needed to start getting people on the right track towards a healthy, active lifestyle.

Steph and John opened up their first commercial gym location in September 2015 in Long Pond, CBS, and their second location in May 2018 in Torbay.

At Platinum Health and Fitness you are taught to avoid extremes in order to be able to sustain a balanced healthy lifestyle long term. You’ll learn to ditch the diets once and for all and be rid of the yo-yo cycle for good!

Head to their website at, and you can check them out on social, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!