Vicky Foley

Digital Marketing Specialist


I'm a bay girl turned downtownie with a passion for creating excitement in every part of life. Since starting my marketing career in 2016, my favorite part is being able to work with businesses and showing them the value of strategically promoting themselves online in a way best suited for their industry. I absolutely love social and digital promotion because of the results that you can measure and learn from to give your campaign the most success.

Vicky Foley

Digital Marketing Specialist

I graduated from the CNA Business Management Marketing program in 2017, but I scored a role with an agency during my workterm half way through the program and I’ve been building my career since. In 2019, I started a diploma program at The Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin through online learning, and by the spring of 2020 I graduated as a certified digital marketing professional.

I’ve been very lucky to work in a variety of roles within agencies over the years which has lead me to my true passion that is digital marketing and developing strategy. As technology changes so does the way we advertise online so there’s always a new skill to learn and new changes to look forward to.I am a very high energy person so adapting to new platforms and mediums keeps me inspired and motivated.

When I’m not working, I love the local music scene and supporting the talent in our province. My laugh is always heard before I’m seen and I’m known to make a great time out of any situation. If I’m not advising you on your next marketing campaign then I’m probably telling you where to get a great burger and a pint.




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