Tyler Maddigan

Junior Social Media Coordinator


I graduated from MUN in May 2019 with a Commerce (Co-op) degree with a focus in digital media marketing and consumer behaviour. If you were to ask anyone, I’m both the nerdiest and most competitive person you will ever meet. Always looking to improve - Proud but never satisfied. Outside the office you can likely find me streaming on Twitch playing games with my friends, at my cabin obsessing over the Toronto Maple Leafs, or writing music!

Tyler Maddigan

Junior Social Media Coordinator

I come from a background of everything creative and have adapted the concepts I’ve developed over the years into creating unique, eye catching social media campaigns for clients. I devoted a significant amount of my studies to develop a list of best practices on social media using analytics and theories of cognition. Did you know that the human attention span is less than that of a goldfish?

My role at JAC allows me the opportunity to flex my creative muscles and create memorable, content-oriented campaigns that leave a lasting impact on your audience. Social media has become one of the most important communication platforms of this generation, and it should not be treated as a fad. Our social team at JAC can take your social presence to the next level.


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