Nick Halfyard

Digital Marketing Specialist


Nick is a natural born creative and loves elevating businesses, brands, and the people around him! He has spent the majority of his professional career in the marketing & sales industries, gaining extensive knowledge & experience in areas such as Social Media, Brand Strategy, and Brand Growth. 

Nick Halfyard

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nick’s passion for digital marketing stems from a life-long interest in growing brands & businesses, pushing creative boundaries, and always being inspired by the ever-changing digital landscape. A natural-born creative and marketing enthusiast, Nick is committed to his own growth and the growth of everyone around him whether it’s business or personal endeavors. After his schooling at Memorial University, he spent 5+ years building brands within the food & beverage industries with companies such as Jumping Bean Coffee, Red Bull Canada, and Coca-Cola Canada. He is also heavily involved in the music & events scene in Newfoundland & Labrador, with nearly a decade of experience working with major festivals such as the Jibfest Weekender and hosting the Best Kind BBQ.


As a social media coordinator and sales expert turned digital marketing specialist, Nick has developed a unique “jack of all trades” perspective when it comes to his workflow and marketing strategies. He aspires to excel into the next stage of his career with JAC.

In his time off you can find him working on hobbies which include music production & songwriting, mountain biking, and hiking/exploring this beautiful province with his family! 


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