Devon Regular

Web Developer


Devon is a critical and creative problem solver who went from philosopher to full-stack developer throughout his career. He prides himself on being able to use his myriad of skills and knowledge to develop web applications that are unique and high quality.

Devon Regular

Web Developer

Devon started his career on a different path in academics, undergoing a philosophy degree. Although the experience and knowledge acquired through this journey was priceless, he ended up deciding the examined life was not actually worth living and switched gears into photography, then design, and then finally establishing himself as a full-stack developer.

Devon believes that because of his ability and eagerness to learn new things and to continually keep himself challenged, his experiences helped build the necessary skills to overcome any problem and find a creative solution.

After work, he enjoys wandering the streets with my Sony A7RII, playing video games on his PC, getting together with friends, and having a wonderful meal or playing dungeons and dragons.


Web Development

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