Website Launch: Nourish Bakery

And up goes another one!

We’re happy to announce the launch of another site, this time for the great people at Nourish Bakery!

Nourish Bakery’s focus of being ‘a gluten-free bakery’ started years before the current owners Graham and Kelly both stood behind the counter and in front of the ovens.

Celiac safe was the number one priority, and still is today. Kelly and Graham both have strong values when it comes to food, baking in particular. They wanted not only for those who suffer with Celiac Disease to love their creations, but the everyday person as well. And with many grueling hours of experimentation, wasting countless amounts of ‘dough’, they finally completed their objective. So, in August of 2014, Nourish Bakery was born.

Despite being trained in Baking & Pastry Arts as wheat bakers, they took on this daunting challenge and continue to amaze their new and existing clientele. Nourish Bakery strives to provide those who suffer with dietary restrictions a place to go. Whether you have a peanut allergy, are lactose intolerant, and even if you live a vegan lifestyle, Nourish has something for you!


Check them out on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

They’ve been great to work with, and we’re honoured that they chose JAC to be a part of the growth of their business. Best wishes, guys!