JAC AIMs for Halifax

and keeps a steady course

With the Go Beyond Pixels conference still fresh in our minds, and our hosting duties at its Hackathon having caused a creational curation conundrum, you might expect us to settle in at the office for a bit.

But, if there’s one thing we like to do at JAC, it’s surprise folks. So, instead of sitting tight at our office in Mount Pearl, we’re packing our bags and heading to the AIM conference in Halifax this weekend.

Full of great speakers, a digital marketplace trade show, and social events, we’re excited to see what folks have been up to and to get the word out about our past accomplishments.

Like most road trips, there will probably be a few unexpected surprises and some great stories, but since we’re seasoned road warriors, we’re confident we’ll be able to keep the whole trek steady, no matter how much market research we do with the folks at Propeller!