JAC curates curation creations

and solves a tongue twister

A few days ago, during the Go Beyond Pixels conference, we hosted the first official Hackathon event ever held in Newfoundland. A well known world-wide event, JAC is proud to have hosted it here at home. Along with our new friend, Thomas Lewis, from Microsoft, we were responsible for judging the creative work of a great group of people in their attempts to create something that helped in the task of curation.

That’s right, we were asked to judge and rank the creative output of folks who were tasked with creating hacks to judge and rank items. It’s all right, it took us a minute to wrap our heads around that one too.

Regardless of the tongue twister, when you put a bunch of computer folks in a competition such as this, you’re bound to have some great results (and some bad jokes), and this crowd did not disappoint. There were plenty of great hacks, but after we judged all of them, the three that truly stood out were:

  1. Adobe Photoshop font organizer: this hack found a way to let the user group, tag, and download fonts from different locations within one project. A sure cure for a far too common headache!
  2. Sticky Notes: this little creation allowed the user to copy and paste images, videos, text, and other media from the web to be displayed on the screen.
  3. Multimedia Playlists: this hack allowed the user to create and share lists from a collection of images or music across the Internet or from their personal computer. The playlists could be customized in several different ways, regardless of the media type.

Not satisfied with simply shaking their hands and patting them on the back, we handed out prizes including a Nokia Windows smartphone and gift certificates from American Express. We also threw in a pizza or two for good measure.

All in all, lots of great curation solutions were created and then, subsequently, curated, and no hacker created a rogue AI to enslave us all. Of course, just in case that happened, we were prepared to save the pizzas and ourselves.

Maybe we’ll start hosting more of these so we can continuously curate clever curating creations?