JAC is busy this weekend

and it doesn’t involve our laundry

Although it might surprise some of you, JAC has plans this weekend. Well, to be specific, we have plans on both Thursday and Friday, which leaves us the rest of the weekend to recover. So, we’re booking it all off just to be safe.

What might we be doing that is important enough to drag us away from the office without kicking and screaming? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Go Beyond Pixels
May. 24th and 25th
Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation, MUN

As a sponsor of the whole event, along with our neighbours at the Idea Factory and such heavyweights as Microsoft, MailChimp, and Shopify, we’re going to be front and centre for all the talks, the food, the afterparty, and the Hackathon.

Oh, did we mention we’re hosting the Hackathon, along with Thomas Lewis from Microsoft? Well, we are. And even though we’re Apple fans here at the office, we think we’ll at least see eye-to-eye with our mutual mission to eradicate old browsers.

So, stay tuned for our post-conference summary, which we’re currently titling “Mad JAC Beyond Pixels“.

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