JAC and Batman

one step closer to being friends

Alright, so it is possible that we’re still a fair distance from being able to call up the man in the cape to give us a lift when the fog is too thick to drive, but thanks to our most recent website launch we are one step closer.


Sure, Batman works on his own (unlike those other heros who can’t seem to avenge anything without doing it together), but not so long ago the man behind the mask was taking a stand with his fellow “Newsies” to fight for better work conditions and so much more.

That’s right, before he was the hero Gotham deserves, he was fighting for worker’s needs. Like so many others, he knew the importance in being able to fight against injustice, unfair work practices, and maybe even a lack of hammocks in the workplace. Of course, as the recognized bargaining agent for over 25,000 public and private sector employees, these are the same things NAPE has been fighting against since 1936.

So, if NAPE came to us for help, we figure we’re just a few steps behind the caped Crusader, right?

Actually, come to think of it, maybe this makes us Batman?