JAC Launches Site For Vancouver Company

And starts to see the future in high-def

We’re going to let you in on a little secret about the crew here at JAC: we’re geeks. Well, some of us may prefer the moniker “nerd,” but we don’t argue much about it.

No, here at JAC we’ve accepted the term, and we’ve lived it for years. So, when we say that a lot has changed since we first started up a computer and connected to something known as the Internet, you can trust us.

One of the major changes in how we work and interact online involves video. Such marvellous creations as Skype, and to some degree Google’s Hangouts, have allowed us to communicate with folks from all over the world without having to leave our comfy desks. Sure, today’s generation might not understand what the big deal is, but those of us from back in the day are Smart enough to know the difference.

Of course, like any technology, there are always issues. Signals are lost, pictures freeze, and audio drops. In some cases, everything just jams up and the whole thing has to be shut down. Luckily, there are folks out there who keep working to make it better.

With that in mind, we’re proud to announce that before 2011 ended we were able to launch a new website for a company working to provide high-definition streaming video to those in need. Based in Vancouver, BC, Libré Communications is helping companies put their right foot forward into the next big thing. We’re excited to see where the technology goes from here, and happy to have been involved.

Although, we do still look forward to welcoming our Pixel overlords at some point.