JAC Nominated for Top 50 CEO Award

(the man, not the business)

Newfoundland and Labrador is built on the sea. Its history, its people, and its future all find their roots somewhere in the back and forth of the waves.

With such a connection to the ocean, it should come as no surprise that one can often find a captain with many stories just a stone’s throw from wherever you stand. Although not as famous as some captains, those around here are maybe just a little humbler about their exploits.

Albeit more than a stone’s throw away from the harbour, here at JAC we like to think we have a captain too, and his name is John Atkins. That’s right, even the ship is named after him, and if you ply him with enough of the wares of that other famous captain you just might meet the alterego that is the true origin of our masthead.

Although John has been steering us in what we’ve always hoped was the right direction since we set sail over three years ago, we recently found out that there are others who like where we’re headed. That’s right, it seems the folks at Atlantic Business magazine like the course we’ve plotted under the direction of our captain so much that he’s been nominated as one of the top 50 CEOs of Atlantic Canada.

Of course, if we know our captain well enough, it’s not the thought of some shiny new treasure that has him working to make the web a better place, it’s the possibility that we may someday thank him for his leadership with a choreographed dance routine!*

*We’ve tentatively agreed to such a thing in exchange for hammocks, pizza, and root beer. Our lawyers are drafting the contracts now.