JAC Celebrates a Great Year

While stocking up for the end of it all

With all this talk about the world ending in 2012, JAC has taken to looking back at our past accomplishments, all while stocking our bomb shelter.

As much as we know we have so many more websites to make before the web is a really great place, we can’t help but practice our dance of joy when we start looking at some of the numbers we racked up last year. At the rate we’re going, we could probably give Spencer Machacek a run for his money.

First off, there are the websites. Our bread and butter (well, back when the vegan was with us we might have swapped the butter for peanut butter, but he’s not here now so we’re back with the traditional). In the past year we put 32 websites live, which means we’ve been making websites at a rate of more than 25/year since we started this company. Given the fact that we did this with a small team (albeit one with a big appetite for cookies as we went through at least 1000 of them last year), those numbers are making us wonder just how much we could do with more folks.

Luckily, we’ll probably find out soon enough as we added a few folks to the roster in late 2011. Sure, we lost a few along the way, but overall JAC’s team is like our waistlines during the holidays: bigger. Some of the new faces are actually old friends who are now stuck with us everyday of the week, and some are still full of ambition and hope for the future (we have not told them what the bomb shelter is for yet).

Of course, it wouldn’t really matter how many websites and cookies we dealt with last year if no one noticed, right? Well, in our case, we received plenty of recognition for our design, coding, marketing, and so much more. Whether based here locally in St. John’s or coming from an international organization, we’re humbled by such praise each time. Of course, we’re also thinking we seriously need to buy a fancy new shelf.

Thus, whether or not we need our bomb shelter over the course of the coming year, we’re going to keep working on making things better. If things do go bad, we’ll be the ones with the VCR, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, popcorn, nerf guns, and a few America Online cds to try and get us through the hard times.