JAC stands out

And gets awarded

We’re standing out, way out. It will all make sense once you take a look at this. It’s a map of this year’s Davey Award winners. While most everyone else is clumped along America’s eastern seaboard, we’re off in the North Atlantic. On the bright side, it makes us really easy to spot.

This time, the Downtown St. John’s site won a gold award for website design in the Associations category while the Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador site received a gold medal for website branding/online marketing as well as a silver award for website design.

As the people behind the Davey awards put it, “The Davey Awards is an international creative award focused exclusively on honoring outstanding creative work from the best small firms worldwide.”

That’s us. We’re part of a select group of design and marketing firms around the world recognized for outstanding work by their peers. And it’s the recognition from others in the industry that makes this award special.

So thanks, Davey and IAVA. But even more importantly, thanks to our clients. They are the ones who allow us to take an idea and run with it. It’s that trust in our creative and technical abilities that allows us to do the kind of work that is recognized by organizations like the International Academy of Visual Arts.

To celebrate, we may have to sit down with a glass of scotch, a good cigar and an iPad. After all, there are a lot of other red dots on that map, and it’s going to take a good sit-down to get through them all.

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