JAC turns three

and continues to grow

Three years ago today, John Atkins & Co. was born. Affectionately known as JAC, our little company grew quickly from two people (one lefty and one righty) to the team of ten that we are now (four lefties, five righties, and one ambidextrous).

Since day one, we’ve been working to provide marketing and web solutions to our clients that were honest and professional. We like to think we’ve been able to stay true to this goal with every one of our projects, even while keeping the pace of producing over 25 websites a year (currently, we’re at 79).

Over the course of our short history we’ve also received recognition of our good work from more than our clients and their customers. In the past year alone we received several awards and nominations for projects, including a nomination for a Best Association Webby Award for our work with Downtown St. John’s.

So, while we’re celebrating the end of our week, and the start of a new year here at JAC, with a large number (700 or so) of balloons, a little Team Fortress 2, and maybe a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man or two, we’d like to say thanks for supporting us.

Now, do you want to be the Heavy or the Medic?