JAC continues to shine

whether or not the weather agrees

With the warm weather sneaking up on us, and the icebergs heading down the coast, it seems we’re headed back into tourist season here in Newfoundland. That time of year when folks start to head east to our unique province, and us locals get to showcase what we love about this place.

Here at JAC, we’ve been working hard to showcase the province, whether or not there was sun, snow, rain or fog (sometimes all in the same day!). It’s the promotion of the province, and the city of St. John’s, that is one of the many reasons why we were happy to learn this past weekend that the fine folks at WordPress are including downtownstjohns.com in their showcase.

Aiming to demonstrate the capabilities of WordPress as a publishing platform, the WordPress Showcase considers only a limited number of sites to be exceptional enough to join the ranks. Currently, sites in the showcase include Katy Perry’s official website, the Playstation blog, Perez Hilton’s blog, TechCrunch and Maclean’s Magazine, all of whom are big names both online and off.

Of course, you may already recognize Downtown St. John’s as the same site we recently received a Webby Awards nomination for. Needless to say, having a site for which we did both the web design and development be recognized by yet another prestigious web organization has us ready to deal with the extra traffic and packed restaurants over the next few months.

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