10 Years of Marketing Magic

From our humble beginnings in a home office, to a growing team that's putting down roots in Toronto, JAC has built its success and reputation on quality work and superior service.

2008 | This year was the birth of JAC. After working as an IT/Marketing Director for 12 years John took the leap as an entrepreneur. On the first day of business on Sept 28, 2008, John sent a personalized email campaign to all his contacts and on day 2 the first contract was secured.

2009 | The first office space was not the greatest, but it was an office. The first employee was hired and by the end of the year the team grew to 5. Sales increased by 35% and the agency went on to win 6 international awards.

2010 | JAC pitched its first international website contract in New York, and was selected as one out of 10 companies: JAC then made it to the final 2.  This was JAC’s first taste of work outside of Newfoundland.

2011 | JAC moved to a more functional space to meet increased needs for staff and clients. Offerings were expanded to include photography and social media, which have continued to be staples of our service list. The company won 5 international awards this year and the team grew to 7, along with a sales increase of 40%.

2012 | John Atkins & Co. official changed its name to JAC. Work exploded with a sales increase of 65% and 14 international awards. The team grew to 9 and the work shifted towards a heavy focus on Tourism. JAC’s first national contract was also secured: Special Olympics Canada.

2013 | In this year, JAC landed its first Agency of Record contact. John won his first Top 50 CEO award from Atlantic Business Magazine and the agency received 4 awards. JAC also landed its first contracts in the Caribbean & United Kingdom.

2014 | JAC moved to its current location at 673 Topsail Road. This office really embraces the agency spirit with an open, transparent space that’s designed for collaboration. John won his second Top 50 CEO award and JAC began work on its first contract in Labrador: the Nunatsiavut Government. During this year JAC also secured a large AOR contract with Nissan, Jaguar, and Land Rover. 4 more awards were won this year, as well.

2015 | John won his 3rd Top 50 CEO award and an official Social Media Department was formed. This department was built on the concept that social media can be used to generate leads and sales. In the first year of offering this service, 5 social contracts were secured. Sales increased by 57% and work in Labrador with various indigenous associations increased by 60%.

2016 | John won his 4th Top 50 CEO award, a huge milestone for him and the agency. Social contracts increased by 48% and the range of services offered in this department grew as well. Overall sales increased by 53%.

2017 | JAC’s first national AOR contracted was won this year when the agency pitched and landed a contract with Molson Coors. During this time the team expanded to 12 members.

2018 | JAC begins its national expansion program and opens an office in Toronto.

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